hi I'm Matthias.
I am a photographer & a practicing design & I'm proud to be Singaporean!

You must probably be wondering what 'The Translator' is all about
I have that as my occupation on my business card & receipients
often ask me the same question.

I am bilingual but no.
To me, design, photography, visual installation & the performing arts is all part of the great human language that isn't often expressed in words. Sometimes they aren't quite literal, & often, they require you to use more than your basic senses to understand.

as a creative individual, it is an important aspect to bring about an idea through a sensory approach. Like a gastronomical experience, it doesn't only require quality produce, but the knowledge to explore their potential & bring them into harmony.

Design perhaps, isn't just about making things pretty or attractive, but how it bridges communication through ideas & logic.

Let me be your translator.




Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Diploma in Visual Communications - Advertising Design Major